Inside LIGHT:
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Welcome to LIGHT! This site is designed to serve as an online resource for architecture students. Although it is geared mainly towards students at the University of Southern California School of Architecture, the information contained herein is fundamental architectural knowledge that should be usable no matter where you attend college!

Just as architecture relies on the talents of many people, the information within LIGHT is not the work of an individual. Many people have worked or are working now to add to the resources found within.

LIGHT is not a stuffy online textbook. The Stress Relief sections are great places to visit when you need a break from a difficult project -- or even just to procrastinate. On the other hand, LIGHT is not a flashy webzine either. The information inside is useful not only the first time it is viewed, but every time it is viewed.

So, that being said, I encourage you to step inside LIGHT and experience it for yourself.

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