pico banners

These are banners (buttons, whatever) that I have created to celebrate pico, the pine composer. They are hereby released into the public domain, but I'd appreciate a link back to the pico homepage, located at
Also, please download and use your own copy of these images, rather than linking the image SRC to my server. If you don't understand what this means, please visit this page.
Thanks, and enjoy!

designed with PICO
"designed with Pico"
My first attempt at creating a pico banner, circa January 1996.
i made this with pico
"i made this with pico"
My second-ever pico banner, this time animated. Also circa January 1996.
A static version of the previous banner, for when animations get in the way. Circa January 1996.
made with PICO
Something a little different and a lot bigger. July 2000.
made with pico
"made with pico (magnify)"
Something simple and elegant, like pico itself. July 2000.
"pico (magnify)"
Subtle variation on the previous banner. Also July 2000.
p i c o
"p i c o"
Not sure what inspired me to make this, but I think it's pretty cool. Yet another July 2000 banner.
other people

These are banners that other people have created. They may or may not be in the public domain, so check with the creator for more information. And if you have a pico banner you'd like to have showcased here, email me.
Hammered with UW pico
"Hammered with UW pico"
Spotted on the Jerky.Net LowPower Site, with a note that its home site has disappeared. A shame, really.
Made with Pico (10^-12)
"made with Pico (tm) 10-12"
Featured on Sven Gucke's pico page.



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