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The Great Migration has begun!

For no particularly good reason, I am redesigning ellars.com. This means that everything in the site is being probed, stretched, and moved into new locations.

This, of course, takes time.

How much time, I don't know. I'm hoping to have it completed by Sunday night (March 23, 2003), though this date is rather flexible.

In the meantime, I have attempted to set up "redirect" commands for the existing ellars.com content. Let me know if anything is b0rken.

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A brief description about me. I'm not sure how detailed to make this, since it is only supposed to be a "teaser" blurb to entice you to learn more about me.


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A brief description of the site. Like the "about me" section, this is intended as a brief overview to whet the appetite of visitors.


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